Levitt Pavilion Denver

Opened: 2017

Levitt Pavilion Denver is being heralded as the centerpiece to Ruby Hill Park’s revitalization, an expansive yet underused 83-acre park located in Southwest Denver. It's sleek, state-of-the-art pavilion opened in July 2017 and is quickly becoming a place for all Denverites to come together on lawn chairs and blankets for free music under the stars.

While boasting the city’s highest elevation with breathtaking views of the downtown skyline, Ruby Hill Park nevertheless has a history of being underused and was a target for vandalism, save for the winter months when its steep hills become popular for sledding and skiing.

In 2006, the City completed a Master Plan to transform Ruby Hill Park into a year-round, citywide destination. Among many new amenities and attractions including playgrounds, interactive fountains/splash areas, extended walking trails and a new picnic pavilion, the Master Plan called for an outdoor performance space in the park’s natural bowl. Having heard about the success of the Levitt program in other cities, the City of Denver reached out to Levitt and a partnership was formed. Levitt Denver's new pavilion, able to accommodate 7500 people, was designed by studiotrope Design Collective.

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1380 West Florida Avenue

Denver, CO 80223