Permanent Levitt Venues

Geared to large cities, permanent Levitt venues reflect our mission to create thriving public spaces and strengthen communities through free, live music.

Located on public land, typically in parks, each permanent Levitt venue is either new construction or renovation of an existing bandshell in an underused public space.

Permanent Levitt venues connect the public and private sectors—each venue is a City-owned facility that is managed, programmed and supported by a local Friends of Levitt nonprofit, which presents 50+ free professional concerts each year. Through this public/private partnership, resources are leveraged to reduce expenses and ensure cost-efficient operations, and manage regular activation of a once neglected public space.

The Levitt Foundation offers local Friends of Levitt nonprofits seed funding for the capital phase, annual operating and capacity building grants, best practices, technical assistance, cost-saving resources and a support system to maximize the impact of their local Levitt program.

A true community-driven project, each permanent Levitt venue is the result of a collective effort among civic leaders, engaged citizens, the local business and philanthropic communities, and City government. At the helm is the local Friends of Levitt nonprofit mobilizing support for the venue, driving community engagement, and managing the public/private partnership. Permanent Levitt venues embrace the distinct culture and personality of their city, as reflected in the design, concert programming, and regular activation by other organizations and community groups.

Since 2003, grants from the Levitt Foundation have helped bring permanent Levitt venues to Los Angeles and Pasadena, Calif.; Memphis; Arlington, Texas; Bethlehem, Pa.; as well as developing venues in DaytonDenver, Houston and Sioux Falls.

Program highlights
  • 50+ free concerts annually at each venue
  • State-of-the-art sound and lighting
  • Broad array of music genres
  • Acclaimed talent and award-winning performers
  • Welcoming open lawn settings
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Easily accessible locations
  • Use of venues by other organizations and groups for additional events, performances and community programs
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